New film with Ed van Betuw

As an anthropology student at Leiden University, Lotte van den Hanenberg researched the experiences of LGBTI persons in sport. She also made a short documentary about this, Proud to sport, with Ed van Betuw as one of the two main characters. Ed talks about his involvement in Gay Games Amsterdam 1998 and Smashing Pink in… Lees verder New film with Ed van Betuw

Party animals

Many people say that Gay Games Amsterdam 1998 was one big party. Some people mean that literally. And indeed, there were parties all over the city, every night. Official, unofficial, for men, for women…. By: Paul van Yperen It seems to have been great. Seems, because I did hear that Grace Jones was performing, but… Lees verder Party animals

The Gay Games Press Conference in Chicago in 1997

Francis Cox, management assistant during Gay Games Amsterdam 1998, emailed us a special series of photos: ‘A few days ago I was browsing through some old photos and found footage from the Gay Games press conference in Chicago.’ By: Paul van Yperen In 1997, together with the international branch of the VVV, we were present… Lees verder The Gay Games Press Conference in Chicago in 1997

The happy side of Gay Games 1998

Judith van Cleeff was Squash coordinator during Gay Games Amsterdam 1998. For her colleagues at the City of Amsterdam’s Grondbedrijf (development company), she kept a diary in the magazine Grip at the time. Below, we post a few excerpts and pictures from it. Sunday 2 August 1998Up early. No problem. High strung on my bike… Lees verder The happy side of Gay Games 1998

Surprise – two German participants in Amsterdam

‘In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, I was active in Tijgertje (Little Tiger – the oldest LGBTi+ sports association in the Netherlands), which once started as a self-defence organisation for gays. During the Gay Games in 1998, I offered a sleeping place to two members of our Berlin counterpart, Gaysha.’ Speaking is Peter… Lees verder Surprise – two German participants in Amsterdam

A small, beautiful anecdote

On, the series of experience stories of Gay Games participants, visitors and organisers continues to grow. The latest story is of Joni Oyserman: ‘Veel dove mensen zeggen dat ze nooit meer zo’n fijne bubbel hebben meegemaakt.’ (‘Many deaf people say they have never experienced such a nice bubble again’ – Sorry it’s in Dutch!’)… Lees verder A small, beautiful anecdote

The four postcards with Maxim

Uitgave: Stichting Gay and Lesbian Games Amsterdam 1998. Foto: Jan Carel Warffemius, 1989

Once in a while you find one on eBay, a vintage postcard with Maxime, the official mascot of Gay Games Amsterdam 1998.  Maxim Bezembinder remembers that four cards were made at the time, one of them against his will. Text continues below the images 1. Maxim: ”The picture of the first card, on which I… Lees verder The four postcards with Maxim